Thursday, 15 November 2012

Apple Iphone 6! Coming Soon With New Features|Date,Reviews

Its only a month That Company Launched Apple Iphone 5  But Now Apple Company Preparing For Its New Iphone That Is Apple iphone 6.In a Interview With Freaky Gadgets manager ,the manager of apple company reaveal some information about apple iphone 6

Have Apple been on the lookout for new ideas and features for its future iPhone 6? According to CNET, Apple has been following in the footsteps of Google and their playbook when they gave employees time to work on side projects outside of their typical routines

He Stated That This IPhone Will Be Available in End of 2013
Its Price Was Not Adjust Just Now.

Apple is at war with Samsung. Let’s face it. Despite Samsung being a supplier to Apple (and that is changing fast), this war is far from over. By October of 2012, Apple and Samsung have been involved in at least 50 lawsuits in at least 10 countries and there’s no end in sight. According to the latest US court decision, Apple revolutionized the phone and Samsung copied it. The jury awarded Apple more than $1 billion in damages. 
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