Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bad Thing About Nokia Lumia 920

I Love To Like The Nokia Lumia 920.Its Very Good Mobile.But In This I will Discuss Some BAd Thing About Nokia Lumia SmartPhone 920.

Starting The List Of Complaints:
Its Wight Is VEry Much Then Any Other Cell Phone .It Wiegh At 186g (0.41lbs) It Was Very Fatter also.For me, this isn't a big deal, whether it's in my pocket or in my hand — it's only about as hefty as a 200-page paperback book. I'm including this here, though, as some people simply won't tolerate that weight in a phone.

Second Complain:Its Typing keypad Is very frustrating I suspect it is actually impossible — to select a letter in the middle of a word you've already typed. Plus, it's annoying that you have to go to a separate screen of letters if you want to use an apostrophe — something I need frequently — but I could just about live with that.

Third Complain: The Windows Phone 8 browser is also lacks maturity,especially some of the advanced features taken for granted in Firefox Mobile or Chrome on Android.On top of this, the browser deals with some redirects strangely. For instance, when you try to join a public or open Wi-Fi network that requires a splash-screen login, it sometimes leaves you unable to connect. On Virgin Media's London Underground Wi-Fi service, I've found that the phone just will not connect.

Fourth Complain:-  Its Apps Store There Are Not Many Apps Knowing By Window 8 Phones.nd whatever we heard on launch day about the likes of Skype, Pandora or features like Data Sense being available, they just aren't present on the platform or phone today; most are scheduled for release in early 2013.

Fifth Complain :- According Its Price,Nokia Lumia 920 Is good Mobile But Now a days Without Apps Nothing Is There So I would Like to Suggest You Samsung S3 Mini with Under  Rs.16000 Only It consist Of 5mp Camera And Very Good Display Screen

There are other, more minor, disappointments. While the Lumia 920 has near-field communications (NFC) built in, you won't be able to use it for mobile payments unless your bank has made an app for Microsoft's OS.

UPDATE: As several readers have pointed out in the comments below, you can in fact select a letter in the middle of the word by pushing down for about two seconds until a cursor appears, which you can then place in the desired position.
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