Monday, 5 November 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4! Coming Soon...

Samsung Galaxy S4 with 13MP Camera, Quad-core Adonis Processor – Rumored Specs & Photos

Update: The Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be powered by the 1080p HD LCD screen and not the AMOLED one, as what the Sam Mobile confirms. The reason being claimed is that the manufacturer hasn’t been able to prepare an AMOLED display with such a high resolution, thus would see the LCD as a better option. LCDs are said to be quite vibrant in colors, but AMOLEDs have been quite energy efficient at the same time, so both the displays have their own advantages and disadvantages. We would see it as a disappointment from many if there is no AMOLED display.
Update on 31/10/2012 -
We’ve got some news about the processor that the Galaxy S IV would be coming in with. It could have the Exynos “Adonis” 28 nanometer quad-core ARM Cortex A15 CPU, and Samsung is testing out the processors and would be doing the mass production and that would probably be into the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the early months of 2013.
They have set the codename as Adonis, which is to mean something about the high-performance, low-power.
Keep checking out, there should be some exciting news coming soon. It’s already the end of the year!

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Specifications
The Korean giant is still to decide on what could be the exact Galaxy S 4 device looks like, whether it will include the flexible display technology or use the Super AMOLED Plus display. So far its design is kept the same with rounded corner concept but we might see some changes claimed by one of the Samsung’s local officials.
We see Samsung Galaxy S 4 certainly with better specifications and inclusion of quad core Exynos processor and better hardware configuration but nothing were released at this moment as it’s too early to comment on the device.
Market researchers and experts views Galaxy S4 a clear message to Apple as they are capable to widen its lead over Apple leaving behind the legal disputes. Samsung is expecting that it’s device will cross the 30 million unit sales in 100 days to break their record of Galaxy S III which was achieved very recently.
So what Apple is doing? US leading smart phone manufacturer is seeking a ban on 8 of the Galaxy Series Samsung which includes top sellers like Galaxy S, S II, S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 and few more tablets. While Apple looks to take copyright infringements case to next level, nothing worries Samsung from producing Samsung Galaxy S4. [Some Info via koreatimes]

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