Thursday, 6 December 2012

Huawei Ascend P1s | Specification

Huawei Unviels World Slimmest Smartphone

We really liked the Huawei Ps1 that appeared earlier this year. A solid, likeable and barebones Android handset from the Chinese company that most people still haven't really heard of - and many can't pronounce.

The Ps1 LTE offers 4G network access on EE, and it's exclusive to that network. There's not a lot of information about which 4G frequencies it supports, but it's fair to guess it's not going to be a phone that you can switch to Vodafone or O2 when those networks launch their 4G services next year.

So what does the Ps1 LTE offer, and is it worth considering? We've had some time with one to find out and the results are - it has to be said - something of a mixed bag.


  • 1.5g Dual Core
  • 4.3 inch tochscreen
  • Android 4.0 Ics
  • Industry Leading Battery(power saving >30%)
  • BSI-Rear Facing Camera
  • Face Recognization
  • Quality Panorama
  • Available In Hundreads Of Colours
  • World Slimmest Smartphone(6.68mm)
  • Light Wight 130g

There's a DLNA app too. It's as rubbish as all DLNA apps, and it will either work, or not work on your home network, with the devices you use. It's entirely impossible to predict if you'll get any value from it, as it's not possible to know if you'll be one of the lucky ones who can use it. If you want DLNA playback, get Skifta, it's much better. And for a media streaming option, get the paid Plex app, it's stunning.
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